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My legal skills have accumulated towards real estate syndication, and business entity formation and organization. I come from an extensive background in bankruptcy and business solvency litigation, and serve on the Creditor’s Rights & Bankruptcy Section of the Wyoming State Bar.

Colorado, Wyoming & WISCONSIN

I’m licensed in three states. A bulk of my practice doesn’t require me to be state-specific. However, I am currently and actively licensed to appear in Colorado and Wyoming courts at this time (I deactivated my Wisconsin license but could reactivate if the need arises).


I remember my first case as a solo practitioner in Colorado, after the late, great, Oliver Frascona graciously offered me a (nice) spare chair out of his firm’s basement, and a reliable stapler made out of ‘Russian Tank Parts’ as his way of wishing me luck in striking it out on my own.

Years later, and having met my wife Amy, and having to start over in a new jurisdiction, I remember signing a retainer agreement on a door table (yup a table with two leg hinges on it) in a former office used by Countrywide Homes, in Wausau Wisconsin. I would go on to battle foreclosure actions, and personal bankruptcies countless times in that very space for the next seven years.

Since then, I’ve met so many amazing people, as clients, cohorts, counsel, judges, vendors, and now some of them are dear friends. A lifetime of interesting cases, and people, continue to influence my professional career.

My ‘hang out a shingle’ private practice days are largely over, and if you are a former client reading this: thank you! If you need a referral or require a copy of a file, my lawbylund email is still active, or you can contact me below.

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